“I had a blast being a judge at GBOB.
I really like the concept and I hope it grows year on year.”

Steve Lillywhite
Multi Grammy-Award Winning Producer – U2, The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars

“GBOB is not a competition; it’s a movement!”

Geoff Baker
PR Maverick of Paul McCartney

“GBOB is an idea whose time has come!”

Andrew Oldham
Former Manager, The Rolling Stones

GBOB is the worldwide music competition for bands playing their own songs, live.
To date, over 50,000 musicians in 45 countries have already joined + played live in GBOB.

“Music has the power to incite a riot, an emotion, a revolution; or even just save a young boy’s life” – David Grohl
“Music is magic. Magic is life”– Jimi Hendrix

Music has the power to inspire, give hope, bring people together. It resonates across history – to generations of listeners who will always find magic in its songs. Music is the universal language: understood by all, yet written only by a few. The world celebrates songwriters, musicians, in as much as musicians lead the world in celebrating life. Over the years, we’ve had some amazing bands win GBOB from around the world…

GBOB is open to all bands

Bands of every music genre, whether signed or unsigned, can enter. No cover songs, auto-tune, or full backing tracks. Bands must play their own songs, live.

Competition Levels

GBOB has three competition levels: (1) Local Qualifications, (2) National Final, and (3) World Final. Live competitions happen in several countries. In countries where there are no live local competitions, bands can still join thru the GBOB Race Online Challenge.

The World Final

The winner from each country will then travel to the World Final to compete live with other winners from around the world, before an international audience.

The GBOB World Final happens in a different country every year, the past several years being in the following places.
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The Prize
Winners on the local and national level will be receiving prizes from GBOB and its Partners. The Grand Prize of the World Final is a recording with a renowned producer, a music video production, or an international tour.

SINOPTIK, GBOB World Champions 2016, live at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev where
they were invited to play as special guest shortly after winning.

Some previous Sponsors from different countries around the world.