World Final in Berlin

World Final in Berlin 2016

PRESS RELEASE: For everyone involved, this may be a kind of high that’s difficult to get over with the next few days.

It was amazing gathering of immensely talented musicians of different musical styles, cultures, humor, from around the world. A few mishaps here and there, and alot of craziness everywhere, an amazing night altogether to remember.

Family, friends, and fans of bands from halfway around the world also were just as present there as the audeinces were in SO36. Kudos to LOCAL STAGE and Pavlos “the Man” for the best livestreaming ever. Not to mention the rest of the online viewers whose puns are forever immortalized in the history of this event.

The GBOB World Final ended with an emotional win as Ukraine took the Championship for the first time in history. SINOPTIK, a psychedelic rock band composed of Dima, Dmitry, and Slava, didn’t expect it at all. A few months ago it was an almost impossible for the guys to get a visa from the German embassy because of the embassy’s schedules, but by some miracle they made it. And miracles do happen for a reason. The band was speechless but managed to thank fans and speak one important message on behalf of their country: PEACE, NOT WAR.

The GBOB World Final was an underground event in SO36, a historic punk venue in Berlin where the likes of David Bowie and Iggy Pop likewise made their mark during the 70s as they were on the brink of fame. That night, the bands not only stood on the same stage as these legends, but also on the same crossroads as where Bowie and Iggy were at the starting point of their lives : upcoming bands with no ego and nothing to lose; only everything to gain.

Each band brought to the stage not only their music, but also a bunch of interesting stories to tell – of the whole journey that led them to Berlin, the challenges, the excitement… the friends and memories that were made, and the future to look forward to.

Michele Waagard, the host of the evening, kicked of the event as the music was played. Michele likewise is a former recording artist, pop star and radio host. She started out her career as a teen model, and then got signed by the biggest record label in Thailand as part of an all-girl band JAMP. Their album topped the charts in the country, which led her also to become a top model for Thailand’s biggest fasion designers. She was at the time considered one of Thailand’s biggest supermodels. She hosted MTV POP with Rowena Kennett and MTV ROCK in Thailand as well. In Norway she also produced a daily music show SVISJ SHOW for the national broadcasting network NRK.

Michele later on introduced the judges for the evening:

The first Judge was Ferman Agkul – an MTV award winning frontman for rock band maNga, singer/songwriter, producer, director, actor and TV host; one of Turkey’s leading artists with a career that counts major hits both nationally and internationally. His big international break came in 2010, when his band manga came in second in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘We Could Be the Same’. The exposure made them known around Europe and in 2011, “Fly to Stay Alive”, written and composed by Ferman, was released. The single topped the charts in several European countries including #1 on the MTV Adria Rock.

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