Who is the Best Guitar Player in the World?

Send us links to your videos. You can play acoustic or electric guitar.
Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Spanish or any style, as long as it is your own composition.

The Judges in the competition are amazing guitarists who have all
played in The Global Battle of the Bands around the world.

Take part in The World Wide GBOB GUITAR BATTLE!

We have seen so many great guitar players in GBOB through the years. That's why we now are introducing GBOB GUITAR BATTLE!


You can send up to 6 videos. Each video up to 6 minutes. 

Send us your videos or link to them. If you only want the judges to see/listen to your videos and do not want us to put them online, just let us know.

Yes, as long as we can see that you are playing live. You can record anywhere, in your basement, rehearsal room, in the forest, or wherever you want.

No, you can film with a mobile phone or any device and qualify for the GBOB World Final.

No, but you can use backing track. Most important is that your guitar is high and clear and not ‘drowning’ in other instruments.

You can play max 8 minutes.

Yes, GBOB will cover 2 nights in hotel.

Cotact us at