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‘Unfinished Business’ is the third single from the band’s next album, but the first wholly produced during the pandemic. That meant recording without any rehearsal, building the song through online conversations, and a bit of faith since the first members to record had no idea about what was coming.

Once again, the group brought boldness to the video produced by the band’s bass player, Tynho. The “karaoke” theme was born from the wish that members feel for going back to their favorite bar, the big desire to call their friends and say, “let’s go to Marlene today!” (Nevada Bar, in Tijuca-RJ).

Mama Feet

Mama Feet – Unfinished Business (Official Video)

Mylo Samp (vocals and guitars), Fey Samp (vocals and guitars), Tynho Cpo. Grande (bass) and Pedryta Araruama (drums).

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