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Falko | Starter Videos

There’s no worse moment than if you’re watching an injection which is helping, and at the same time, killing somebody you love endlessly and you know that there’s no any choice if you don’t want to hurt anymore… Frozen Poppyhead are Richard Tolkner (singer, lead guitarist), Alfred Rezek (guitarist), David Halada (drummer), Jan Tošer (Bassist)

Walking Rumor “Tears Me Apart” (Official Music Video) | Narrative Music Videos

Walking Rumor wrote the song Tears me Apart back in 2016. When their hero Chester Bennington took his own life it affected the band deeply, so they decided to make a music video dedicated to their lost idol. The story being told is; To make amends with a love one lost too soon, like a son, mother, brother or lover. The script was written by Kenneth Gustavsson (vocalist) and the movie was directed by Tanne Sommer.