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“Does the Sun Smile to You?” by Airi’s from Finland

Airi’s shows their place in the sun with a burning guitar in their first music video. In the new music video for their single ”Does the Sun Smile to You?” Finnish band Airi’s displays how the band was put together and goes through the story in one day. At the end of the video an acoustic guitar sets on fire which acts as a metaphor for letting go of the dark thoughts in the day and welcoming the warm light of the sun into one’s life.

Falko | Starter Videos

There’s no worse moment than if you’re watching an injection which is helping, and at the same time, killing somebody you love endlessly and you know that there’s no any choice if you don’t want to hurt anymore… Frozen Poppyhead are Richard Tolkner (singer, lead guitarist), Alfred Rezek (guitarist), David Halada (drummer), Jan Tošer (Bassist)