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“Open Water” by Casey Mattson from USA

Oliver Tree’s keyboardist/guitartist/prodcuer Casey Mattson steps out front with his second music video for the self-produced “Open Water”. The song features a hypnotic, driving guitar riff, soaring vocal layers and contemporary electronic production. The video is a hilarious and mystical journey through Proto, Portugal, Belgium and all the way home to Los Angles California.
Music video debuting January 8th 🙂

“A Touch of Something” by Honey Bee and the Suffering Fools from Ireland

That moment when your heart trips a switch without you even knowing it. Your soul is ready to jump out your body when the thought of spending time together is suggested. The meaning of your own sense of self grows through a relationship with this new person. Thats what falling in love is all about. Love is in the air, Love is everywhere…we wrote this for you.