Send us links to your videos. You can enter with up to 6 videos.

Play your own songs. The videos will be judged from musical and performance qualities.

6 bands from the VIDEO BATTLE will be chosen by our Expert Jury to perform in the next GBOB WORLD FINAL.

Making your own video is all about having an idea, and just film it.

Some of many GBOB success-stories through the years:

Stroy, Czech Republic. Invited to Los Angeles to record with Alain Johannes in 2015

Heavy Mojo, USA. Signed to Motown Records after World Final in London 2007

Lost Society, Finland. Signed to Nuclear Blast after World Final in London 2012

Sonoride, Sweden. Mike Portnoy's Favorite Song of 2019 "Vagabond Avenue"


GBOB is a platform for artists and bands to promote their original music. All music submitted, and all music used in videos, must be composed by the band or for the band.

Yes. All kinds of music genres are accepted.

In the case of masks or face paint, the band must be able to show that at least one in the band is in the video.

We only accept online links of your videos. You can not send physical copies by mail, or through uploads to our site. 

Your winning chances will not depend on whether the artist can afford expensive recording or production of their song or video. The videos will be judged from musical and performance qualities. 

Uploaded content must follow our Terms and Conditions 

All Artists and Bands who send their music in to VIDEO BATTLE keep ownership to their music, videos, and content. We only reserve the right to use it for promotional purposes.