Ramithawi – Sindrome (Finland)

Sindrome is one of the first songs I wrote after I moved to Finland. It tells about my experiences as a Venezuelan/Syrian refugee. Since I was born in a third-world country, I don’t have the same rights to live here, and therefore I feel that I was born sick, with some kind of illness, with a syndrome. the music video was filmed behind a green screen. We wanted to creative a cartoon world to express our intense feelings with humor, to give the viewer a sense of fun. The story starts of me finding a new home with my car, and i get a lot of problems on the way, ending up In a crazy mind.

Artist / Band: Ramithawi
Bandmembers in this video: Rami Almhithawi, Jani lehtioksa, Ukko Kairamo, Lari Silva, Tiitus Wargelin.

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