Ramithawi – Caracol (Finland)

Caracol means Snail in Spanish. The song talks about leaving home and escaping the rough reality of life, a snail represents always carrying home with you. We wanted to express this as a fantasy world, like a story tale. We went to an island in Helsinki to get a very beautiful scene of nature and no human contact. We filmed this during winter and summer to give the viewer the idea of does it feel to live in finland as an immigrant point of view, with the long winters and the green summers. The video has magic, and a musical type of songwriting. To give a strong story to the viewer. And the song ends in a “to be continue” sense that our message to the world has just started.

Artist / Band: Ramithawi
Bandmembers in this video: Rami Almhithawi, Jani lehtioksa, Ukko Kairamo.

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